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E-Design is wonderful because we can work together anywhere in the world! Through a collaborative online process, that is done through email, we can design for you a beautiful interior space. No corners are cut for our E-Design clients;

the only difference is that once you receive the final design package, it will be up to you to bring the creation to life, in your home. 

Watch this short video below to learn more!

What is an E-Design Collaboration with Amberleaf Inc. like?

Our E-Design Programs

Which Program is Right for You? 

The short answer is... it depends! For Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Great Rooms we recommend the gold program because there are many parts. The 3-D rendering will be a great benefit for you to see how all the parts work together in the space.

Do you have trouble visualizing how everything will work? Go for the Gold and you will see the way to a great design! 

Still not sure? Contact Us below for a 15-minute consultation. 

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E-Design Testimonial

"We loved how easy it was to do an E-Design project with Amberleaf Inc. The drawing she did for us to visualize the powder room really helped me to understand how it the space could look. We can't wait to get started on the changes!"
                                                            ~Jill Smith