KBIS 2020 Kitchen and Bath Trends

What the heck is KBIS?

Every year in early January the Design world descend on KBIS, The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. To preview all things kitchen and bath that have been developed over the past year, prototypes, but many are at the front of trends for 2020. It's an amazing jumpstart to the Design season that gives all of us inspiration for our client's homes.

It’s 4 days of fast and furious window shopping and “kicking the tires” so to speak of the latest and greatest. From Cabinets to Countertops, Faucets that spritz to Aromatherapy showers. This will be the first in a series of posts on oh so many trends.

Let’s dive in.


Where to start??? Listen this was 3 buildings that cover 100's of thousands of square feet of expansive show floor with over 600 world-leading manufacturers and suppliers.

I can’t possibly get to them all, so I’ll stick with what I feel were the most promising trends for my 1st post.


You could hardly turn around without finding something for your home that wasn’t connected. Appliances, TV's, Bathroom Fixtures and Door hardware.

So much so that a “Technology Tour” was Hosted by Thermador showcasing how Brands can seamlessly integrate their appliances to your lifestyle to help Designers get an in-depth view. Including their very own Home Connect Technology

Be it Refrigerators that know what you are out of and will create a grocery list or see who’s at the front door like Samsung’s Family Hub

You can pretty much control everything from your smartphone, start your coffee maker from Bed, dim the exhaust hood lights, check the levels of your detergent in the dishwasher.

I kid you not GE’s new AI technology will help you select a recipe based on ingredients detected by a camera. Mind Officially Blown.

Check out this Bathtub that's easily controlled by Alexa - Alexa Connected Tub

I’m still dipping my toe in this trend, I’m not convinced I need Alexa to know about my bathing habits, but I think it would be great to check to see if you accidentally left the oven on.


It seems that the days of a white or gray kitchen may be fading into the proverbial sunset.

The sun is rising on Color for your home.

In the Kitchen, several brands like Dacor proudly displaying bold new hues in appliances using their color match system you can personalize with any color you like.

Taking a cue from Pantone's Color of the Year Classic Blue

While in the Bathroom these bright bold freestanding bathtubs

by Victoria and Albert stole the show. Available in 194 RAL Colors


It really did not matter where I looked, almost every manufacturer was showcasing a myriad of finishes and the Big Trend for 2020 was “Mix & Match” note the selections in the Dacor photo above.

Gone are the days every item in a room needed to have the same finish.

Emtek Hardware was boldly showing off its mixed Metal door handles.

Kohler brings a Spectrum of Choice to personalize your space with Colors and Finishes.

Rohl Faucets paired multiple finishes on their faucets.

Goodness, I think that's enough for one day. Which is exactly what I said as I headed back to my suite on the strip.

Stay tuned for Blog #2 of KBIS 2020

So glad you're here. Until next time, Ciao


Michelle Blemel Senior Designer of Amberleaf Inc.

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